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Release Notes

Version 3.0.7

Bug Fixes

    • Error in saving a rental when not retrieving movie information.

Version 3.0.6

Bug Fixes

    • Error when loading certain reports.

Version 3.0.5

Bug Fixes

    • Deleted product items still showing in product sale transaction dialog.


    • Now displays a loading message for potentially long operations.
    • Improved performance.

New Features

    • New skin chooser.

Version 3.0.4

Bug Fixes

    • Data Configuration utility wizard incorrectly runs on a multi terminal P.C.
    • Weather information now appearing correctly.


    • Video Junky can now check for updates automatically every two days.

Version 3.0.3

Bug Fixes

    • None.


    • View all deleted Rentals, Rental Items and Products.
    • New Revenue report with category breakdowns.
    • Database upgrades streamlined.

Version 3.0.2

Bug Fixes

    • New Rental - Customer comments now only appearing once when form is opened.
    • Barcode Labels (Medium Labels and DVD Sleeves) - Correct Label/Sleeve size now loading.
    • New Product Sale - Scanning or entering a Product now correctly adds the value to the total.
    • Customer Editor - Customer’s Photo now captured correctly.
    • Exit Video Junky - Issue in closing Video Junky resolved.
    • SMS Messaging (Inbox) – Resolved the duplicating items in a multiple client install scenario.
    • Manage Users – Resolved the issue whereby saving the users details enabled the ‘Send New SMS’ and ‘Send & Receive’ buttons.
    • New Rental Transaction (Authorised Renters Tab) - User's image is now displaying on Form.
    • Locked Form – Resolved issue whereby using the enter key to "OK" a message, the message box will close and open immediately.
    • Bulk Media Downloader - When searching, if no data was found, a row exception was being thrown.
    • User Editor - The user's photo was placed behind the default image.
    • Installation – After the Digital Persona SDK is installed, the installation restarts the P.C without first prompting the user.
    • Configuration – If no SMS provider details are configured, the ‘Send & Receive’ button was incorrectly enabled while all other SMS buttons were disabled.
    • Backup - Fingerprint Database was not being backed up.
    • Un-returned – Resolved issue whereby un-returning rental items caused some items to still show as out on customer accounts.


    • Login  - Added scroll bar for the list of the users.

                  - Allowed more than twelve (12) users to be listed.

    • Edit Product – Allowed the deletion of a product.
    • Added Ribbon Shortcuts.
    • Added Ribbon Tooltips.
    • Perform Maintenance.
    • Edit Rental - Allowed deletion of Rentals and Items.
    • New Rental - Improved the adding of Rentals and Items.

Version 3.0.1

    • Initial BETA release.
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